Online Extensive Reading

Extensive reading is a pedagogical method to learn a second language. It consists of reading a lot of easy materials. Prof. Pino-Silva suggests that reading easy and authentic materials from the web is consistent with the fundamental principles of extensive reading. He currently works with English and Spanish learners in the US. He has presented with Professor Yuly Asencion-Delaney from Northern Arizona State University (NAU) several papers in conferences in the US.

Instructorship in ESL and Spanish

Professor Pino-Silva teaches regular courses at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, CA. His students are underserved ESL students as well as Spanish Heritage Speakers. Teaching Spanish-English Sight Translation is both a joy and a challenge. Because teaching is a life time project, it is also one of the most challenging ones for its requires to keep abreast of major advances in Applied Linguistics.

L2SLATES Language Services, LLC

Juan Pino-Silva is a certified public interpreter by the Venezuelan government. He and his wife, Maria Antonini de Pino, have chosen to conduct his translating and interpreting business in a manner that accommodates single interpreting/translating events and group interpreting events requiring project management. Based in Silicon Valley, the L2slates project aspires to serve the medical, educational and technological communities and businesses. L2SLATES uses Venezuelan young talent for some of its services.

Venezuela Translates the US

Talented young second language translators, localizers and staff are contacted and trained to assist L2SLATES to address its mission in Silicon Valley. Talented web developers from the USB in Venezuela are also part of this project.